Friday, December 10, 2004
Christopher Montgomery
Plain Dealer Reporter

Cuyahoga County will soon gain the headquarters of a $2 billion public company, an important win for a region that has lost a number of high-profile corporate headquarters in recent years. Read the remainder of this entry »

Emaginit, the strategic engine of naming and positioning announces a new creative division called Ideon™.

“When a company is looking to go to market with a product or service and they need naming, ad campaigns and positioning, and can’t wait months, weeks or even days for results, Ideon provides efficient turnaround in one day,” said Daniel Moneypenny, president and chief creative officer of Emaginit.

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Daniel Moneypenny, of Emaginit in Silver Lake, Ohio, has spent his career creating taglines and naming companies and products. For Rubbermaid, he came up with “There’s never been a better space.” For Federal Express: “We are the overnight success.” For Maaco: “Give your car the MAACOver!” The list goes on and on.

So how does a guy like Moneypenny get such clients as The Movie Channel, NutriSystems, Wendy’s, Amway and Parker Hannifin? Reputation.

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The Game of the Name

February 10, 2000

By Bonnie Hilliard, Akron Business Magazine; Associate Editor

Imagine … somewhere deep within the recesses of someone’s brain is THE NAME, and just behind it is, THE TAG LINE, waiting to lure millions of dollars to your business. But, whose mind do you mine to find it?

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