Diebold Nixdorf

  • Product Naming: 4 ATMs, Agilis, Agilis Power, Opteva, Quixar, Nexent (Software), Connexis, Celaris, Sofcision, Velocia, Momentix, Accurix Voting Software, Vectra
  • Client Service: Product Naming, Named 4 ATMs, Cash Machine Names: Opteva, Agilis, Nexdoor
  • Website: http://www.diebold.com/
Process Result

Product Naming

one day interview with 15 team members from Global Communications & Marketing to create an overall name & sub-name for their ATM software; 750 umbrella names & 565 sub-names created; 1/2 day session with team to narrow final selection; final names with trademark chosen Agilis umbrella name for ATM software Agilis Power sub name for ATM software