Brand New Thinking

Poor planning and a lack of expertise often get in the way of sound branding, corporate positioning and product naming — on and off the Internet.

A company must make a commitment to the brand right from the start. Why throw any money at a poor or misguided branding strategy only to watch it fail?

By fostering a strong brand, a company can have a rippling effect on the entire organization, including how it’s viewed by customers, employees, investors and prospects. Ultimately, you want everyone to think positively about the company and its products or services. The brand reveals where a company stands, defines a corporate culture and tells the world what it believes.  Branding is the bedrock of all marketing, advertising and public relations.

At Emaginit, after the branding strategy has been established (i.e. the name & the positioning),  we go far beyond the logo and help shape a brand that is destined to be embraced and trademarked rather than ignored or torn and tattered by public perception.

Is a company better off working with a branding consultant or trusting its brand with a makeshift “branding agency” made up of internal staff with little or no branding experience?

Relying on an expert like Emaginit has many advantages. Having worked with hundreds of companies, we have valuable insights about the branding process and its influence on the entire marketing cycle. I also ensure that I work personally with each client. Why should a company meet a branding executive only to find that a junior assistant handles the critical work?

We stand by our creative guarantee. We create until the client’s needs are satisfied. That puts pressure on us to be on top of our game with branding and corporate positioning issues.

Sure it is hard work, but most of it just involves sound business sense and creativity. With each assignment, we turn out hundreds of ideas and hone in on the ones with the most potential.

We are continually reminded by the fact that human nature rules the day. It’s a matter of establishing a brand that the masses will accept. Human nature will always transcend the most elaborate marketing effort.

Branding is also a key part of product naming, which requires exceptional respect for the end user. Beyond a company’s concerns about costs, safety and the best uses for a product, we help create an impulse to buy the product. First, we try to get a “feel” for the product by thinking about its shape, its function and its role in society. Each product, if you think about it, really has a life of its own. The name should say it all.

The bottom line is that the best branding strategy is built on a sound foundation that requires strong creativity and planning. That way, a company can make the most of a brand that endures, not an inferior one that fails.

Daniel Moneypenny
President/Chief Creative Officer

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