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I am raising funds for this incredible organization because I want to make someone’s dream of swimming, playing basketball, running, hiking, or participating in sports at any level, come true. CAF’s mission is clear: give individuals with physical disabilities the support and opportunities they need to live an active lifestyle through physical fitness and competitive athletics.

Your generosity will help empower lives through sport by providing the equipment, coaching, mentoring, and travel expenses necessary to succeed in sports – and in life!

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Hello CAF Superstars!

Can you believe it’s been over a month since you ran 1,576 stairs to the top of the Empire State Building!? This year’s Run-Up was the catalyst to an incredible month of October for Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF). I’m excited to share that between two of our most significant fundraising events, CAF’s Million Dollar Challenge and CAF’s Community Challenge, we raised over $5 million to continue to pursue our mission of empowering lives through sport. Not to mention the additional $50,000 we raised from the Empire State Run-Up!

Check out some highlights of our Community Challenge here: 2023 CAF Community Challenge Fueled by Toyota

Thanks to our incredibly generous and supportive community, we will continue to break barriers and empower athletes to reach new heights in 2024 and into the future. A few fundraisers went above and beyond in their fundraising efforts, and I want to give them a special shoutout. Our top three fundraisers for 2023 were Daniel Moneypenny ($4,450), Randy Pentis ($3,250) and Margaret Fangman ($3,019). Thank you for everything you do to support the mission of CAF. You crushed it!

As you are all aware, it’s only once a year that the Empire State Building shuts down the building and opens up the stairwell to allow an exclusive group of individuals the opportunity to climb one of the most iconic buildings in the world. As the official charity partner of the Run-Up, CAF offers the ONLY guaranteed entries into the race, and we always want to give our past supporters and participants the first opportunity to take on the challenge. We have officially launched our 2024 Empire State Run-Up Pre-Registration page and I encourage you to reserve your spot now! Fundraising will open in January for 2024 which will be either the first or second week of October!

Register Now! Join #TeamCAF at the 2024 Empire State Building Run-Up

Thank you for your continued support.

With Gratitude,

Ryan and the CAF Team

On October 4, 2023, Daniel did the Empire State Building Run-Up for the second time, finishing the run in just 26 minutes and 50 seconds. He shaved 2 minutes and 27 seconds off his last year’s Run-Up. Daniel was fourth in his age group for that climb in the world. Daniel had negative splits on the climb, that means he went faster as he went higher.

Daniel is certain he would have went even faster had it not been 85 degrees in the stairwell. A lot of runners suffered some serious distress on the way up, and many dropped out. These are not first-time people just running up on a lark. All participants are serious and experienced structure runners.

Last year, Daniel was third in fundraising for the charity for Challenged Athlete’s Foundation. This year, he was number one in fundraising. I want to thank again all my family, friends, and clients that donated to the charity.

This will be his second time. He’s already surpassed last year’s fundraising and is going to definitely shave some time off his 29 minute 17 second time from last year, which placed him fifth in the world in his age group during last year’s climb.

Daniel and his partner, British Cleveland Company, recently placed two of the busses with three more locations wanting the busses. 

Marking 25th Partner Investment
Managing Partners Bill Fuller and Bob Ray to Join Fast-Growing Platform as Partners

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In order to raise funds for the excellent organization, Challenged Athletes, Daniel took part in the Empire State Building Run-Up on October 6th, 2022.

Daniel ran up all 86 Stories in 29:17 and placed 5th in his age group. He was also the 3rd highest in raising funds for the Challenged Athlete’s Foundation.

Daniel’s inviting you to join him in next year’s Empire State Building Run Up.

He plans on going sub 26 minutes & raising even more money. He’s with Challenged Athlete’s Foundation every step of the way.

Lose weight and gain friends, join him in his 4000 steps a week regimen.

See you on the First Floor! Where everything’s looking UP.

Specialized Construction

April 22, 2022

In 2021, emaginit sourced Specialized Construction into Signet Capital Advisors. On March 2nd, 2022 Specialized Construction closed and was purchased by Brian Hall. More to come.

Alex has a chat with CEO of emaginit Daniel Moneypenny, aka the guy who knows a guy, about branding, marketing, networking, and business development. Daniel also shares a bit of his journey which includes serving in the Army, becoming a male model, attempting to steal something from Phil Knight, and more. As Alex says, “to know Danny is to be in awe of him.” We think you’ll agree.

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Partner company “I’m Airborn” has launched their streaming website.

If it flies it’s here – from Ballooning to Space…let’s play in the sky.

I’m Airborn is your exclusive network for

Duggy, the Smile in the Sky!


”I’m Airborn Everything Aviation Everyday…worldwide!”

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