Marking 25th Partner Investment
Managing Partners Bill Fuller and Bob Ray to Join Fast-Growing Platform as Partners

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In order to raise funds for the excellent organization, Challenged Athletes, Daniel took part in the Empire State Building Run-Up on October 6th, 2022.

Daniel ran up all 86 Stories in 29:17 and placed 5th in his age group. He was also the 3rd highest in raising funds for the Challenged Athlete’s Foundation.

Daniel’s inviting you to join him in next year’s Empire State Building Run Up.

He plans on going sub 26 minutes & raising even more money. He’s with Challenged Athlete’s Foundation every step of the way.

Lose weight and gain friends, join him in his 4000 steps a week regimen.

See you on the First Floor! Where everything’s looking UP.

Specialized Construction

April 22, 2022

In 2021, emaginit sourced Specialized Construction into Signet Capital Advisors. On March 2nd, 2022 Specialized Construction closed and was purchased by Brian Hall. More to come.

Alex has a chat with CEO of emaginit Daniel Moneypenny, aka the guy who knows a guy, about branding, marketing, networking, and business development. Daniel also shares a bit of his journey which includes serving in the Army, becoming a male model, attempting to steal something from Phil Knight, and more. As Alex says, “to know Danny is to be in awe of him.” We think you’ll agree.

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Partner company “I’m Airborn” has launched their streaming website.

If it flies it’s here – from Ballooning to Space…let’s play in the sky.

I’m Airborn is your exclusive network for

Duggy, the Smile in the Sky!


”I’m Airborn Everything Aviation Everyday…worldwide!”

CLEVELAND, OH (January 29, 2018) – Blue Point Capital Partners was honored as one of Northeast Ohio’s top corporate deal makers at the 22nd Annual ACG Cleveland Deal Maker Awards held on January 25, 2018.

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How do you?

Create a truly great brand for your new company, your new product, or your new service offering?
Build a network of trusted business friends that make all your business building efforts easier, more successful, and a lot more fun?

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Cleveland, OH–May 6, 2014–The Rotational Molding Division of the Society of Plastics Engineers will be holding their TOPCON 2014 conference in Cleveland from June 1-4. For their keynote speaker, they have chosen branding expert and entrepreneur Daniel Moneypenny to kick off the conference on Monday, June 2.

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emaginit helps Materion win prestigious award:

Materion Branding Program Receives National Honors

Materion’s branding campaign received national honors from the Public Relations Society of America’s Silver Anvil Awards presented last week in New York. The Company was presented with the Society’s prestigious Award of Excellence for our category, which is second to the top Silver Anvil honors that went to IBM.

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One area in the U.S. economy that is booming, despite the sluggish recovery, is technology. Facebook and Groupon are expected to go public in the coming year, and tens of billions of dollars of venture capital continue to pour into the tech industry every year to support new companies.

But one of the first challenges new companies face is coming up with a name, which can be a difficult task.

For instance, would Google be as successful if it were named ‘BackRub’ — the name when the company started in 1996. And Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey said his company considered calling his company Twitch instead. Read the remainder of this entry »

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