John Mariotti

Creating a Win-Win Partnership for Branding & Positioning

THE SITUATION: Too Many Choices—Too Little Time

Customers around the globe are overwhelmed with the sheer number and variety of options and choices.  The number of adjacent possibilities is exploding at an exponential rate.  How on earth can anyone find their way through this baffling maze to make the right selection, to make the one right choice?

In the absence of the right product, in the right format, in the right outlet, in the right location, at the right price, it can all be wasted. The shopper can’t or won’t pick up your product.

THE SOLUTION: Brands Cut Through the Clutter

The answer is surprisingly simple: by creating a memorable BRAND, one which is shorthand for the unique combination of features, value and promises that identifies the indisputable best-value choice.  But creating a brand is difficult, and the process is normally long and arduous—unless you know about Emaginit and Daniel Moneypenny.  Some say that Daniel’s last name is memorable, but what is more memorable are the thousands of brands he’s created for leading companies in the US and abroad.

Everything that you do to drive demand for your products succeeds or fails at the point of purchase…

THE RATIONALE: Differentiation—the Key to Strategic Advantage

The key to competitive success is differentiation built around a sustainable competitive advantage.  The name, icon and positioning which accompany that differentiation are often as important as the product and marketing solution.  A great strategy that fails to create memorable products or services will struggle to achieve competitive success.  Once differentiation is accomplished, the time comes to give it a name—the brand.

THE ENVIRONMENT: Faster and Faster

The process of developing and choosing brand names has always been long, expensive and complex.  But today, business moves at unprecedented speed, and there simply isn’t time for this kind of process.  Fortunately, there is a new and better solution.   Imagine the speed of the winds in a tornado or a hurricane.  The mind-boggling force of nature is truly a metaphor for what is needed.  The problem with such forces of nature is that they de-focus; they scatter objects in every direction.  If only there was a way to reverse the force of nature embodied in a tornado—to draw in information and impressions, perceptions and remembrances.  There is!

So daunting is the pace of change facing today’s business managers, so complex the issues, so certain the knowledge that tomorrow, it will be tougher still – that any notion of across-the-board expertise, whether internal or external, is at best naïve, at worst positively foolhardy.

THE MEANS TO THE END: Emaginit and a “Force of Nature”

Noted author John Mariotti has described the creative energy and speed of Daniel Moneypenny as a “force of nature” and a “tornado.”  Moneypenny is the creative principal of Emaginit, and he has been creating distinctive, memorable and protectable brand names for over 2 decades, and doing it at four times the speed and one-fourth the cost.  How is this possible?  “Because he is a phenomenon,” answers Mariotti.

THE PRINCIPLE: Trusted Partners

If the principle of “not trying to be best at everything” is valid, then the corollary is to find someone who is “best” at areas at the periphery of your core competencies. Why make Daniel Moneypenny an ongoing part of your solution set? Thus the selection of trusted partners—specialists who are the best of the best—is an ideal way to offer the best of everything while providing continuity and integration with core services.

“Whoever chooses the best partners, wins.”

THE CONCLUSION: An Ongoing Affiliation

The creation of a continuing relationship between Emaginit and your company is a win-win partnership.  Your company is a global leader in the creation, development and implementation of winning sales and marketing solutions that deliver sustainable, step-change category and brand performance for its clients.  An essential ingredient in this solution is the BRAND, and Emaginit is the leader in rapid brand development and positioning.

THINK BIG, TRY SMALL: If it’s Worth Doing, It’s Worth Doing NOW!

The conclusion is inescapable—build such a partnership—NOW.  Start by selecting a few projects to build the relationship and then move on to a full partnership affiliation.

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