Letter from NVM Strategies

2489 Cedarwood Road
Pepper Pike, OH 44124

December 10, 2003


To Whom It May Concern:

Did you ever meet a person who had an electrifying, exciting and captivating aura around them that energized a room the moment they walked in?  Did this person have the sincere ability to make you feel wonderful, creative and positive? There is only one person I know who has all these qualities including that of being genuine, talented and a terrific individual.  This person is the charismatic Daniel Moneypenny of Emaginit.

Over three years ago, I met Daniel while I was CMO at Proforma, the premier provider of promotional products, commercial print and e-solutions for business. He had the challenge of developing a tag line to enhance a new logo and brand strategy for Proforma.  Within a week, Daniel worked his creative magic to present us with a multitude of wonderful tag lines to select from.  His ability to focus strategically and develop a descriptive tag line to compliment the corporate identity is a talent few people can successfully implement.

Daniel’s “Connect with the Power of Proforma,” has really catapulted their corporate identity to a new dynamic positioning in the marketplace.  It also helped them achieve status as #1 distributor in their market niche.

As a marketing consultant, I now have been collaborating with Daniel to network and develop mutually advantageous business opportunities for NMV Strategies and Emaginit.  One meeting with Daniel equals six meetings with your usual professional businessperson. Daniel moves at super sonic speed covering contact information and ideas at a rapid-fire rate. To say that this man knows just about everyone is very close to reality. His sphere of influence radiates from one unique philosophy: “Successful people know other successful people who can benefit from each other to make things happen.”

I have been networking with Daniel for about six weeks and have contacted 15 “Moneypenny Networkers” who will broaden my reach for marketing consulting projects and I will be able to help them increase their business.  The formula of third party endorsement for business building is effective with the right mix of people, and that mix emanates from Daniel.

Daniel’s business, Emaginit, strategically defines brand positioning for awareness and image in the marketplace by creating the name.  This is no small undertaking, but Daniel makes it look much easier than it is because brilliance tends to do that at times.  You might ask what’s in a name?…. Well when brand is king…everything!

I have worked with the huge corporate identity firms of the world for naming and without a doubt, Daniel Moneypenny makes them look clueless with his formula to zero in on creating a name in record speed and provide the client with much more than they ever expected.

There are few people in this world possessing all the characteristics of integrity, creativity, image, passion and charisma.  Daniel Moneypenny is all that and more moving at a speed of a 1,000 miles per hour.  You need to meet him!



Nancy M. Valent

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