Military Service

Daniel’s medals and commendations along with momentos exchanged between competing NATO teams.


North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Brussels, Belgium

The Prix LeClerc competition between six NATO countries took place July 1971. The training started the year before and consisted of Jumping out of C-130 aircraft, Huey H10 helicopters, Chinook helicopters, transport to and from the drop zone in Sikorsky Skycrane.
Larry ‘Chief’ Kakinawash and Danny
Each team had two squads of twelve men. Daniel was in the first squad.

Daniel and the Prix LeClerc team were trained by Army Ranger Snipers with the 82nd Airborne Division for the target phase of the competition.

The two Prix LeClerc Squads. Our team was from all over the United States of America. Members had to be jump qualified, excellent distance runner, excellent marksman, as the targets were 300-400 meters out, after the run and the obstacle course.
2 Parachute Jumps in 25 minutes
Daniel completed his jump school training with his first five jumps in December 1970 in Wiesbaden, Germany.
Given to Daniel by a Dutch Teammate.
Given to Daniel by the Team from Ireland.

Loading up for a Competition in France
One of many obstacles in the competition.
Daniel on right with teammates.
Part of our Prix LeClerc squad won a competition. Daniel is holding the plate.
Preparing for a Chinook jump. Sixteen guys ran out the back of it, eight on each side.
Daniel after a jump. They brought us all back from the drop zone in a Sikorsky Skycrane.
Indoor rifle range practice. Three hours a day for months.
Celebration after a Prix LeClerc competition in France in June, 1971. Daniel is fifth from right, with a broken hand.
Pick out the German Clown!
Something’s never change, Goofing off in ‘Tower Week’ of Jump School.
Indoor marksman training for our competitions. Hours on top of hours on top of hours…
Brining us back from the Drop Zone in a SkyCrane. Holds 90 jumpers and their equipment and spent chute.
Waiting to make a Huey 110 chopper jump.
Refreshments other than Beer.
Loading up for a Chinook chopper jump.
It’s forbidden to jump with a camera…. Of course I did that many times. All Good!
Disembarking the SkyCrane after a jump at Ramstein Air Base in Germany.
On our way up a couple thousand feet, then push off the Huey 110.
85 Jumpers out in less than a minute.
May 23 1971 in East Berlin.
Behind the Iron Curtain.
The Stadium were Jesse Owen’s competed in the 1936 Olympic’s.

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