Emaginit Announces Ideon™ For Quick Return on Pure Imagination

July 1, 2004

Emaginit, the strategic engine of naming and positioning announces a new creative division called Ideon™.

“When a company is looking to go to market with a product or service and they need naming, ad campaigns and positioning, and can’t wait months, weeks or even days for results, Ideon provides efficient turnaround in one day,” said Daniel Moneypenny, president and chief creative officer of Emaginit.

Through his twenty-five years of working with Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies on naming, branding and positioning, Moneypenny has honed his creative talents to provide clients with marketable and memorable brands.

Emaginit is expanding with Ideon for those clients who require quick return on imagination and do not require the in-depth analysis or competitive research, which Moneypenny provides with his other creative services.

When Ideon is called, the client gives a quick download of what the product or service objectives are and the symmetry of them to the other aspects of the company. Moneypenny conducts a 1-2 hour interview with a detailed list of ten questions. Taking these answers, Daniel stays at the company’s site and articulates 25-50 positioning statements and or names, that the client then decides if these will be used for branding, marketing, advertising or other venues.

“I like to call this Ideon process, pure creativity with a shot of adrenalin,” said Moneypenny. “As with all of my other projects, the client does not owe me one cent if there is not 100% satisfaction for the work I delivered.”

Daniel Moneypenny’s clients have included Amway Corporation, Coke USA, Dow AgroSciences, Federal Express, Procter & Gamble, Roche′ and Wal-Mart just to name a few. To get more information on Moneypenny, Ideon, Emaginit his clients, his imagination and his expertise go to justemaginit.com

For additional information and interview scheduling, call Nancy M. Valent at 216-513-8740.

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