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Client Process Result
interview process; back to client within 10 days with 600 positioning statements; 2 refinement meetings; final selection made by CEO which cleared trademark Expect The Value ... Experience The Difference
interviewed with CEO & his team to develop that year's fundraising theme; over 300 created; final selection made Become Someone's Miracle
interviewed to create an overall corporate positioning theme; 315 were created; time frame 10 days; final trademarkable selection made We Fit Your Future
interview process; back to client within 14 days with over 450 corporate positioning statements; top management selected final statement that cleared trademark We Fill The Vacuum
interviewed with president to position an occupational health service division of Med Centers; 2 weeks & 150 positioning statements later; final trademarkable selection made Our Doctors Specialize In You
interviewed with owners & 2 managers to create an overall corporate positioning theme;175 were created; time frame 8 days; 2 revision meetings; final trademarkable selection made We Make Owning It Easier!
two 2 hour interview meetings; back within 10 days with over 200 corporate positioning statements; final selection was made Connect With The Power Of Proforma
interviewed with team of product managers to develop a system wide promotional campaign to drive dealer sales; 200+ campaigns created; final trademarkable selection made The Pressures On!
interview process; within 17 days presented 225 positioning statements; marketing director made final selection People Put More Than Their Trust In Us
interviewed Sofa Express management who requested multiple ad campaigns; 20 days later we submitted 645 corporate and product positioning statements; we showed Sofa Express 193 and they selected 50. Furnish Zings
Don't Just Sit There ... Sit Here!
Where Sitting Gets A Standing Ovation!
Our Masterpieces Come On A Frame!
We Specialize In Beauty
Robin Hood interview marketing team for new corporate positioning statement for a one number phone service; delivered 100+ positioning statements; final selection cleared trademark search One Number … One World
interviewed with CEO & 3 product managers to create an overall corporate positioning theme; 225 were created; time frame 3 weeks; final trademarkable selection made All The Care, All The Color
interviewed with AFGA personnel in NJ; client placing new film processing labs in Wal-Mart stores; over 600 positioning statements created in 48 hours; final selections made Priceless Pictures At A … Picture Perfect Price!

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