Who We Are

For more than 25 years, we have successfully created and marketed branding concepts, the solid foundation that identifies the personality of a product, service or company, which elaborate advertising campaigns and media services are built upon.

At Emaginit, we distinguish the psychological brand aspects like image, attitude and experience with marketing strategies to create a brand that has specific qualities and/or characteristics that differentiate it from competitors. Founded as a needs specific source that delivers viable and market ready creative with a proven record, we don’t compete with people, we compete for ideas. Like Einstein, we know imagination is king. Being considered a “quick strike” creative branding firm has allowed us to deliver premium creative services in an extremely focused and expedient manner. Emaginit and our president, Daniel Moneypenny, are regarded by both past and present clients, a stellar list numbering in the hundreds, as “extraordinarily gifted in turning a phrase into a great advantage” (EXXON)… “A talent, whose ideas helped us generate a much a larger dollar than we could do elsewhere”. (McDonald’s Corp.) It is easy to understand why Marketing Tools Magazine, (Sept, ’96 issue) listed us as one of the top branding firms in the U.S.

Emaginit believes marketing success begins with great ideas.  Investment of time and money in the execution of an inferior concept will inherently result in an inferior final product.  At Emaginit, we specialize in delivering, up front, winning lead creative concept to serve as a superior foundation from which all promotional elements are executed. We believe our model is future perfect.

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