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I really don’t know anything, with one exception… a HELL of a lot of good people!

Introducing……..Daniel Moneypenny, Founder & CCO, emaginit

As you meet Daniel Moneypenny, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of emaginit, you will immediately sense his creativity, robust energy and zest for life. Unbeknown to you, Daniel has an insatiable curiosity about YOU, and his brilliant mind is already moving at the speed of light on your behalf. Daniel’s unique, multi-faceted business model combines his ability to name corporations and products, create brand ideation and brand & corporate positioning.

Over the course of 30 years, Daniel has assembled an elite business community. This Business Network connects and flourishes due to Daniel’s ability to connect business owners with the intention of generating prosperity for all parties. When you engage the services of emaginit, you as the Business Owner, must be prepared to expedite your business growth, as deliverables are brought forth with speed and intensity. Daniel is constantly watching the World’s business activities and due to his innate understanding of cause and effect, his timing for business branding and positioning is unsurpassed.

Growing up in Northeast Ohio, with 10 brothers and sisters, Daniel learned that his quick wit and sense of humor combined with his creative and imaginative mindset, got him out of trouble, just as much as it got him into trouble. Subsequently, throughout his business ventures and successful business model, his creativity has served his clients well.

Immediately upon High School graduation, Daniel headed for Los Angeles and became a Forest Service Fire Fighter. During Daniel’s time in the Forest Service, when not fighting fires, he was part of a 10 man trail crew which constructed 8 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail which runs from Tijuana, Mexico up to Vancouver, Brittish Columbia.

While in the Forest Service, Daniel met his life-long mentor, Sergeant Major Bill Conley, who passed in 2013. “Bill was a Father figure to me and he was not only a Hero to me, but to everyone he met. He was the definition of a brave, heroic man displaying valor beyond belief.”

Daniel enlisted in the Army and was stationed in Wiesbaden, Germany where he completed jump school. As a paratrooper, he was assigned to the 1st 509th Airborne division in Mainz Germany attached to the 82nd Airborne. In 1971, he competed on the 12-Person Squad of the United States Prix Leclerc Team.

Upon returning to Northeast Ohio, Daniel attended the University of Akron on the GI Bill. He majored in Business and minored in Criminal Justice. Daniel was encouraged to pursue business and marketing and thus he opened a free-standing shoe store for runners, The Finish Line. The store was staffed by runners, including ‘world class’ runner, the late Ric Sayre, who qualified for 5 Olympic Trials. Daniel competed in both the Boston Marathon and the Cleveland Marathon, as well as hundreds of 10k races across the country. Daniel sold his interest in this business and launched emaginit in 1986.

Daniel quickly identified his talents and began to serve as the idea machine for businesses of all sizes….from Startups to Fortune 500 Companies. The efficient and prompt manner in which Daniel creates business and product names is amazing to his clients. “I am confident that I will deliver as promised, so I offer a Zero Fee if the client is unable to utilize the work I produce. What I bring to the table is an understanding of both domestic and international inspiration while delivering the trends in a manner appropriate for the marketplace. Additionally, my services enable expansion of an individual’s network, as I connect business owners to other owners who they would not otherwise meet.” Those who decide to become part of Daniel’s ‘open but closed’ business network must be prepared for life-changing connections and inspiration. They also understand that in order to remain in the network, they must operate with honesty and integrity…..as integrity doesn’t deserve a second chance.

“Life is short and negativity has no place in my creative world. I am an artist at my true core and I am thrilled when I become the one who molds and inspires other business professionals to develop into their true selves.” Daniel’s compassion for charities, foundations and causes has resulted in 120+ organizations receiving pro-bono work. “I have been blessed in my life with my wife, children and amazing mentors and colleagues. This is my opportunity to give back and I feel good about doing so.” Daniel Moneypenny lives an Extraordinary Life overflowing with success, optimism, inspiration and legacy, as the connections and network he launched, will go on forever. If you are fortunate to meet Daniel, take advantage of his wisdom, business connections and creativity and know that you are now positioned to choose to receive his magical seed of abundance!

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